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Jan Aalt is one of the very best Bulldog painters I've ever met, we are friends for years and he has made incredible work for us from our dogs. When Jan paints a Bulldog, it's like he or she can walk from the canvas any minute. This must be because he had the breed himself for many years, his prefix is "Merchant Mariners" Read more...
Smasher Bulldogs From the Nasty Bulls Untouch-A-Bull Romanty Bulls
Bulls Happiness Bulls Heaven Jiruka Bulldogs The Houseboat Bulls
Dazzling Star Of British Delight Radinca's From the Raising Bulldog
With the Sense of Honour Bentleys Pride v. Loef van Horne Eppins Bulldogs
Respect-a-Bull Brave Strong Angels Sparkling Pride Bulldogs  
Beeman Bulldogs      
BeCool Bulldogs Scobert Bulldogs    
Schjetne Bully Style Bulldogs    
PineBulls Wheelback's Bulldogs    
The Living Daylights Paint it Black    
Big Wacker Bulldogs Big Bull`s Mc Loud's Bulldogs Just Braveheart
La Grande Grifo Von Teufelhöhle Random Allure Kennel  
Stardust Bulldogs      
Simplydoor Bulldogs      
Papa & Mama JP      
Dangerous Japper Bulldogs    
eSDeKa Bulldogs      
Green Mubev      
Bravata Bulldogs      
Gensisbulls Orcottuy Bulldogs    
Mellowmood Britisher DanNoble Bulldogs Ivabully
All the Way Bulldogs BigFoot Bulldogs    
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