Jan Aalt is one of the very best Bulldog painters I've ever met, we are friends for years and he has made incredible work for us from our dogs. When Jan paints a Bulldog, it's like he or she can walk from the canvas any minute. This must be because he had the breed himself for many years, his prefix is "Merchant Mariners"

If you like to have your Bulldog painted by Jan Aalt, don't hesitate to e-mail us, you will have a garantee that your Bulldog looks like he really is! when not satisfied, just return the painting for a full refund! But believe me, you can't go wrong, you will be delighted with the work of Jan Aalt and enjoy your painting for the years to come!

Prices from € 300,00 for the dimensions 30 CM x 40 CM (App. 12"" x 16"")
Shipping from SA to any place in the world will be from Euro 25,00 and up depending on dimensions.

Jan Aalt's Web Site, Click Here!