MULTI CH Bunny Babby of the Woodhillroad
(Pickwick Ike Boy X Peru Urebu Abigail)
CH Wencar Minks Baby Sham 2 CC,
11 Res CC in UK
(CH Brumigum Stroller Boy of the Regions X Jackath Gladius)

After we bred our first litter, which was a disaster, we decided to buy our own stud in the UK, Ch. Wencar Minks Baby Sham and through his breeders, Carol and Ron Newman, we learned to know Kathleen and Jack Cook from the World Famous en Top Kennel in the UK “Jackath” Bulldogs. We became good friends and Jack did visit us after he judged a show in the 1980’s in Holland. All we know is thanks to Kathleen and Jack Cook, they teached us the ropes and that’s why we want to share our knowledge with some starting breeders, so the knowledge will not be lost. By the way…….., in our first litter we bred 2 Champions, Ch. Seabright Silver Soldier and Ch. Seabright Silver Star (see our section CHAMPIONS)

(at the right) Jack Cook, Jackath Bulldogs, Top Breeder in the UK

During those years, the Bulldog was in the same breed club as the French Bulldog, which was a crime in my opinion! So I decided in 1985 to split-up the breeds from the HBC and founded that year the EBCN which was recognized by the Dutch Kennel Club in that very same year, 1985.

The “EBCN” was good for almost 2.000 members in the 1990’s when I quit being member of the board. Together with my good friends Huib Koppenberg (“Conspicuous” Bulldogs), Walther BrunsĀ (“Rebel Rouser” Bulldogs) and Jan Morren ("Merchant Mariners" Bulldogs) we have written a book, “All about the Bulldog” to give the club a good financial injection and there was no book about our breed in Dutch, so it was a great thing for the Bulldog lover in general as it was for the club, this book is already in edition No. 3 !!!! We have left the club with a huge capital and a great image, hope this will be back again one day!


Seabright Bulldogs