How we got started in 1979

As new comers in the breed, we went with our 2nd. Bulldog “Peggy van Trixantia” (Multi Ch. Casper of Outdoors x Bibi v.d. Ja-Gri) to our first show, this was the yearly “open” show of the “HBC” Dutch Bulldog Club for Bulldogs and French Bulldogs, in 1980. Judge that day was George Wakefield (Outdoors Bulldogs, UK), we still remember our conversation with him, he was the first one we called to buy our first Bulldog. For those who want to know, Multi Ch. Delailah” became best in show that day (owner Piet Roosenboom, After Tacha Bulldogs)

As all breeders know by experience, it’s not that easy to get involved in the circle of the top breeders when you just start in the breed and want to learn. Most breeders are not willing to share their experience, afraid that the pupil will teach the master in the end! Why? I think when you’re clever you know, but it’s a shame when experience is not shared with others, in the end it’s all in the benefit of the breed!

We bought 3 females, before we got the one we really liked, she was our 4th Bulldog in our little family in 1981, Multi Ch. “Bunny-Baby of the Woodhillroad” bred by Annie and Ger Hillebrands. This was the girl we wanted to start in Bulldogs more seriously, but there were no breeders that gave us the opportunity to learn, until we met Marie and Kokkie Steinrath, owners of Multi Ch. “Duke of the Edroywin House”. They took us for the first time to the UK and introduced us to some breeders over there. This was our real start, here in the UK we could listen for hours and hours what the “old” breeders had to say about the breed, breeding, pedigrees, shows and studs of the old days!

Hans with Peggy van Trixantia at his
First Show ever in 1980